Sailing News:

Wednesday Spring Racing registration is open on regattaman. Please view our Racing Page or the Wednesday Racing page for more details.


The first race of the Spring Series of Wednesday evening racing is Wednesday, May 20th.

The end of the Spring Series concludes on Wednesday, June 24th. Join us on the deck of the Constitution Marina in Charlestown afterwards for our end-of-series barbecue.

The annual Skippers Meeting and Crew Finder event held on April 29th was a great success. Thanks to all who came out to join us. A wonderful evening was had by all.


Club News:
CYC members can also renew their memberships for the 2015 year by clicking here.

The crew finder application is up and running. If you are interested in becoming crew on a CYC boat please sign up.

Welcome to CYC Boston

Constitution Yacht Club was officially "chartered" by a filing with the Massachusetts Secretary of State as a not-for-profit social organization in 1980. Sven Tullberg was our first Commodore.

The roots of CYC are actually much older. In the sixties and seventies there was a social life and some organized yacht racing at the Lewis Wharf marina known as the Bosport Marina. Bob Davidoff and Jack Roberts were the founders of a marina that catered to pleasure craft in downtown Boston at a time when the waterfront was officially marked on the charts as a "condemned area in magenta. The harbor was so dirty that songs were written about it. True Visionaries.

The Club was then known as the Bosport Yacht Club. Meetings and parties were held aboard the work boats and barges used by Bosport Docking Company in their commercial endeavors. In the mid eighties, Bosport Marina moved to new quarters at its present site attached to the Housaic Wharf following the Massport renovation of the area and the construction of the Constitution Plaza office buildings on the wharf. Being next to pier one in the former Boston Naval Shipyard and the frigate USS CONSTITUTION led to a name change of the marina to Constitution Marina. About 1987, the club in turn officially changed its name to Constitution Yacht Club and so filed with the Secretary of State along with newly updated bylaws.