CYC Racing Dates - 2018

CYC is pleased to announce dates for the Spring Regatta, June Moon Chase Race, and Wednesday night races:

  1. Bob Hartl Memorial Spring Regatta - 16 June 2018. This will be first "South Shore" qualifier to use ORR-ez for all classes. Stay tuned for instructions on how to apply for your ORR-ez rating.
  2. June Moon Chase Race - in JULY! This year, in order to keep the race's tradition of racing during a full moon, the race will be 27 July 2018 (a Friday evening). The race leaves Boston Harbor, up to Gloucester, and back. It is the only overnight pursuit race in New England. The intent will be to use ORR-ez ratings for the race.
  3. Wednesday Night Racing - The skippers' meeting will be May 16 (race registration will be available then), with racing commencing the following week. The Series dates are as follows:
    Spring Series: 23 May - 27 June. The Hingham Bay Rumble will be 6 June.
    Summer Series: 11 July - 15 Aug. The CYC Rumble will be 18 July.
    Fall Series: 22 Aug - 26 Sep. The Cottage Park Rumble will be 22 Aug.
    Note that there is NO Racing for Wednesday, July 4.

We are always looking for race volunteers. If you have any questions about the schedule or ORR-ez, please don't hesitate to get in contact with Lance Ryley (